Friday, February 19, 2010

Cupid Trap

Noah has a class project to make a cupid trap. He came up with the whole concept himself and Jason helped him put it together. I think he had a great time doign it as he loves building things. He hasnt received his grade on it yet but when he does I will let you all know.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Update and pics

Been a busy couple of weeks.

Brought Noah to the eye docs and found out that he needed glasses. He only needs to wear them during school and any other time he is reading, but seems to be wearing them all the time. Ok with me, they wont gt broke or lost it he has them on.

All the older kids had dentist appts last Friday, even Lexi. She did great and was a big girl the entire time. She hoped up in the chair, opened her mouth and let them clean her teeth. No cavities for any of them, but Noah did have to go back yesterday to have selents but on 4 of his molars, he did great when he found out that it didnt hurt any.

Liam has decided to eat everything there is latley including things he shouldnt. He ate a small piece of coaxle cable and then this past weekend he ate a screw. He did poo both of them out, the only way I knew he ate them. So I guess we have to keep a closer eye on him. He also fell out of his crib on Sunday morning, we lowered it so it wouldnt happen again. He is now pulling himself up to his knees and has even started to stand up with assistence. I am thinking if he keep going at this rate he will be walking before a year and suprising his doctors. I couldnt be happier with the progress he has made and all the obstacles he overcame. He is my lil Superman.

Jason and I are doing great and have endured a few things in the last week. My windsheild on my van cracked while trying to change a wiper blade so I had to have the whole thing replaced, it is very nice BTW LOL. Also on Thurs we lost water, and had to replace the water pump in the well, even though the old one was only 5 or so yrs old. I thank my Dad, Jason and Nick for getting it fixed, you dont realize how much you use water until you have none.

Now for some pics of the silly kids