Friday, April 23, 2010

Awesome Vacation!

Been on vacation with no internet for half of it but we are having a great time. We leave to go home tomorrow, but I dont want to LOL! We have had great weather and it only rained one night.

We went to see Meanie and Papa Bear in Louisiana first. It was a long car ride but the kids and the dog (yup she came with us) we great for the ride.

While we were there we went crab fishing. We casted strings with turkey necks attached and the crabs latched on. I caught the first on of the day. It was a blast, and I think everyone caught one. Lexi was afraid that they would jump out and eat her, but she still had fun.

The next day we went to tour the Coca Cola plant where Papa Bear works. It was fun and interesting. The kids all got cans of Coke with the World Cup design on them before they hit the market, they felt special and all said they would never open and drink them. They all got to sit in one of the Coke trucks. We then went to the Baton Rouge Zoo. Even though it was another zoo it never ceases to amaze me how excited the kids get. Liam went on his first train ride around the zoo and loved it.

On Saturday we went to the Angola State Prison Rodeo. It was great! I have never been to a rodeo so I wasnt sure what to expect. We walked around the HobbyCraft, which a huge sale of all the things the inmates make while they are there, Lexi got a pink Tinkerbell purse and was in heaven the rest of the day. It is amazing what they can make and everything is well made too. After walking around for a while it was time for the rodeo. Lets just say they put on a great show and enjoy what they do. The arena it is in was constructed my inmates with in a few months. They have show every Sunday from April to October. I wasnt able to get pictures as they dont allow cameras of cell phones with in prison grounds.

We relaxed most of Sunday and Monday and then that evening headed to Virgina to see Danielle, Will and the kids.

Wednesday night we took the kids to the Ringling Brother Barnum and Bailey Circus. Let me tell you that is was nothing like any circus I have ever seen. All the kids loved it even Liam. Lexi did fall asleep after about the first half hour, and then woke up to see the last half hour. Guess she was just to excited.

The rest of the time here we have just hung out and had fun with family, a great way to end a vacation. We did take a little trip to Walmart with all 9 kids and boy did we get some look LOL. We actually always get looks when we all go somewhere, but we hava a blast. Tomorrow for lunch we are supposed to go out to eat with them all too, should be interesting.

I will post pics on here when I get home, there are a lot and I need to sort through them.