Friday, March 19, 2010


It has been a quite month since I have updated. Boys are still doing well in school. Although Noah has been bringing home some not so good grades, but i talked to him and he understands what I expect out of him. Owen is starting to get better at his comprehension in reading and is able to pretty much tell ya what happens in a book when he is done reading it. His teacher has been writing questions for him to answer after his reading and he is doing well with that too, maybe soon he will be able to get something a little more challenging so he wont be so bored at school.

Liam is a full time pulling himself upper LOL. He has even started to squat and attempt to pull his hands of the ground. We called the doc and the earliest they could get us in was the 30th, so until then there is alway the worry he could break his leg again, if he already hasnt. Hopefully there is a cancelation soon so we can get in earlier. He even has a total of 8 teeth now and is very good at using them, with food that is. He has only really bitten me once, but he is my child so I am sure there is more to come.

And speaking of biting, there is Lexi, who I think has bit all 3 of the boys in the last week. Darn boys get mad at her for doing it but then when I tell them to bite her back they wont for fear of hurting her @@.

It has been so nice here lately that the kids are always outside. I love this time of year LOL. The boys are doing better and let Lexi at least play with them and include her in whatever they are doing. Our house seems to be a go to spot for the other 3 kids on the road to play. We apparently has the most/best toys, who would have thought LOL.

We are getting closer to our big vacation and cant wait. Lexi ask everyday if it is time to go to Meanies yet. We now have a countdown on the calender to help her understand how much longer we have until we leave. I will updating as much as I cna while we are gone so it isnt too much when we get back. Expect lot of pictures

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