Monday, October 26, 2009

Life this week

Well Wed is the day Liam loses his special toe. It is getting harder and harder for me not to worry as the day gets near. I have been crying on and off, but am trying to stay busy so I dont think about it too much. I will update everyone as much as I can during and after his surgery. I am hoping that he isnt in too much pain afterwards and that his recovery is quick.

Owen is also having issues latley that I am hoping to get to the bottom of soon, but as of right now everything the doc has had us do hasnt worked. Wondering if it is just taking a few days to work and then all will be well with him. I feel bad for him but he is being a trooper through it all.

We are getting ready for Halloween. I decided that we were going to do the Wizard of Oz this year. The boys were a little hesitant at first but now are on board with it. As always I made the costumes (except Liams) and think I did a pretty good job on them. I am excited to see them all dressed up. I will post pictures after Halloween.

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