Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lil blurb of everything!

Here is what has been happening with us in a nutshell. The boys went back to school the beginnning of September and are doing really well in school so far. Owen is still suprising me everyday with his reading and spelling, I am thinking that he spells better then Noah, LOL. Both boys played soccer this fall so we were running around for both of them between practices and games. I have decided that Owen is not as sporty as Noah, maybe he will be the scholar in the family, only time will tell.

Lexi is doing well also. We decided recently that she needed to be in "school" a couple of mornings a week, and well she thought so also. She loves it and thinks that she can go everyday. I am hoping it will be good for her to be around other kids so she can learn to share better and maybe even learn to pick up, she is good at making messes. She is also like a lil mother hen to Liam and hugs, kisses, and talks to him all the time. She even thinks it is fun to sit on him, he seem to think it is funny too.

Liam is growing like a lil weed. His surgery for his toe is scheduled for the 28th. We are hoping everything turns out fine and he wont need any further surgeries, but his Dr. seems to think he may. He has mastered rolling over and rolls around the living room, kinda reminds me of Owen. He is working on sitting up but is still having a lil trouble, I say it is because he is a chunker.

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  1. Fun stuff! Life with 4 kids sounds busy. Hope to see you in November when I come home. Love ya.