Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That was a long week!

Well Noah def had the Swine Flu. It not as bad as everyone thinks it is, either that or he didnt get it too bad. He didnt move off the couch or his bed for 3 days. We took him to the doc on Wednesday and they confirmed it for us, as well as an ear infection he didnt know he had. We went to Walmart to fill his medicine and he ended up passing out on us, I am thinking that he just overdid it that day. He is pretty fun when he comes to though, he had no clue what was going on and all he could say was I am thirsty, can I have some water LOL. He is feeling much better and went back to school on Monday. I talked to his teacher and she said all the kids were happy to have him back and they really missed him, I was happy to have him back in school, the boy was driving me nuts because he was so bored.

We also went for Liam post op appointment in Friday. That was an interesting day too. The doc took of the temporary cast so she could put another one on. When she took it off she discovered that the lil stinker had pulled the wire about 2 inches out of his toe. She pushed it back in and all he did was give a lil whine. I told Jason that he was just like someone else I know who pulled the pins out if his knee (yup Jason did that). He is now in a fiberglass cast, a bright red one at that. I guess you could say he is getting in the holiday spirit a little early. He will get it off on Dec 2nd and we get to see his new lil foot. I am going to miss his special toe though :(

Lexi and Liam also ended up having fevers on and off all weekend but it only ended up being a cold and they are now coughing and have runny noses. I think Liams has something to do with teething too, but only time will tell.

I am just very happy that last week is over and am hoping that this week is better, so far so good too.

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  1. Poor Noah! We still haven't gotten the Flu here. I keep joking that I want us to get it soon before it morphs into some Super Bug. I'd love to see Liam's red cast!

    I'm coming home Wednesday night and I'll be there through late Sunday morning. Miss you and love ya.