Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Christmas!

Well we survived another Christmas and in the end it was a good one. We were able to spend the whole day together as a family this year, as Jason day off was at the right time. The kids were happy with all their gifts and I think they have played with everything Santa brought them.

The boys each got scooters. They were able to take them outside for a ride because the weather was nice. They each also got a remote control car and played with them for hours. I will have to say their favorite gifts were their DS games, of course, and they are sharing them very well, for the moment.

Lexi was so happy that she finally got a Strawberry Shortcake house. She played with it for a while. She also played with everything else she got. We had to open everything so they all got their five minutes of play before she was on to the next. She even tried to get us to open the boys presents LOL.

Liam didnt get much but he didnt care. He opened one present and was happy to play with that while Jason and I opened the rest for him. He also liked the boxes that everyhting came in, but what kid doesnt.

I also have to say that I have the best hubby who got me the best gifts. I got a massager for my chair, some comfy satin jammies, and nice curtains for my back door.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Have a great New Year

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