Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

He turned 10 today and I still cant believe it. I look back at the last 10 yrs and am suprised how fast it went. I can still remember on New Years Eve before I had him everyone asking me how I was and if I felt anything, becasue they all wanted me to have the first baby of the millenium, he has other plans. I went to work on Jan.1st and worked like I never had before, who knew that he would finally be ready to come the next day. We went in early the next morning and at 1:02 in the afternoon I became a mom. It is amazing how the littlest, sweetest lil man changes your life forever, and I wouldnt have it any other way. Some of the best things I remeber about him was that he always loved creamer in his Sprite, he used to call his umbrella his younger brother (but never called his younger brother an umbrella), he liked to go to Marys house and play with all the kitties (I think we named him right, as he has a love for animal), racing in his Gator with his friend Rachel in her Barbie Jeep down the road. There are many more of these great silly things he did, but I will cry if I think about them (I am such a sap). He had grown to be a great kid and trys to get along with everyone, even his siblings. I am very proud to call him my son and love him more each day. Oh and dont tell him he is my favorite Monkey LOL.

He had a great birthday and a great party. He decorated his own cake the way he wanted it and actually helped me bake it and the cupcakes. He got a digital camera and a Wii game from us. He also got a few games, shirts and a Gift card to GameStop that I am sure he will use the first chance he gets. Thanks to everyone who came and he thanks you for the great gifts.

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